Dog Daycare

Sit! Stay! Play! is for “parents” who don’t mind that their best friend is having a better day than they are. While you are out working, running errands, or busy with family is your canine companion home alone waiting for you to return? 

Sit! Stay! Play! dog daycare is a place where friendly social dogs can interact in a safe supervised environment. The Sit! Stay! Play!  dog daycare program is designed to provide your pooch with activities to stimulate him both mentally and physically while reinforcing social skills and polite behavior with both humans and other dogs. It is an excellent way for busy dog parents to meet the exercise and social needs of their dogs.

Dog Daycare Information

How to Join
  1. Complete our Registration Forms and obtain a copy of your dog’s vaccination records. Vaccination records and forms may be emailed to or faxed to 520.882.8850.
  2. Schedule an interview by calling us at 520.882.7529. The interview gives us the opportunity to meet your dog and determine if Sit! Stay! Play! is the right environment for your dog and also gives you the opportunity to see if we are the right facility for you. The interview takes approximately 30-45 minutes. Initial fee includes your dog’s first daycare visit and a Playsafe™ collar
  3. Plan to bring your dog by 7:30 a.m. on their first day. First daycare visits may only be scheduled Monday-Friday.
Who Can Play

The goal of Sit! Stay! Play! is to provide a safe, fun, and stimulating environment for social dogs.  To ensure the safety and health of your dog and our other guests, we have the following requirements: 

  • Dogs must get along well with other dogs and humans. While daycare can be beneficial in helping some shy dogs, daycare is a primarily a place for social dogs to interact with other social dogs and people. Dog daycare is not an appropriate environment for aggressive or severely fearful dogs. Dogs must not be food or toy protective.
  • Dogs must be four months of age or older. At the discretion of Sit! Stay! Play! dogs may be accepted at a younger age.
  • Dogs must be vaccinated for rabies as required by the State of Arizona, be current on vaccinations for distemper, parvo, parainfluenza, and hepatitis, (DHPP, DA2P, or equivalent) and be vaccinated for bordetella within the past six months. We require all dogs to be fully vaccinated for leptospirosis with the tetravalent vaccine. The bivalent canine influenza vaccination (H3N2 & H3N8) is recommended, but not yet required. Titers may be accepted in lieu of parvo and distemper vaccinations. All vaccinations must be administered under veterinary supervision. A negative fecal test taken no more than 2 months prior to attendance must be submitted.
  • Dogs should be in good health. Upon admission, all dogs must be free from any communicable conditions including internal and external parasites that could potentially jeopardize other guests.
  • We do not require that dogs be spayed or neutered, but do require that a dog’s behavior be compatible with the expectations of our facility. Females may not attend daycare while in season.
  • Dogs must have been in your care for at least three weeks prior to attending daycare.
  • Dogs coming from areas experiencing an outbreak of canine influenza must wait three weeks after arriving in the Tucson area before entering the facility.


Your Dog’s Day

Morning drop-off begins at 6 am Most of the dogs come to daycare on a regular schedule so they run to greet their buddies. Group play is popular in the morning when the dogs have lots of energy. Ball chasing, climbing the jungle gym, wrestling, and playing in the kiddie pools are favorite morning activities. The dogs in the main playrooms always have access to the outdoor patio where they can do “their business.” As the morning winds down so do the dogs. Quiet play is encouraged to get everyone in the mood for naps. 


Naptime is between noon and 2 pm. Dogs that are crate-trained are taken into the nap room one at a time, placed in their crates, and given a biscuit. Beds are placed on the floor and the other dogs are brought into the nap room and given their treats. The same soothing music is played each day which cues the dogs to lie down and rest. The lights are turned off and everyone – including a staff member – settles in for some needed rest. During naptime our smaller guests have the run of the entire facility.  


In the afternoon, it’s time for more one-on-one play with the staff and the other dogs. The ball-crazy dogs play in the Romper Room, while the Barka Lounge is the place for more subdued playtime and dogs who want to relax. Pick-up generally begins about 4 pm, when even bone-tired dogs are happy to see moms and dads! 


We are open every day of the year including holidays from 6 am – 8:30 pm. Late pick-up is available by reservation (late fees apply). 

Dog Daycare Rates
  • Please contact us for current pricing.

All passes must be used within 3 months of purchase, except the monthly pass which must be purchased on the first day of the month and used within the calendar month of purchase. The monthly pass includes the number of days in the work week for the month, but may be used any day of the week. Packages may be shared by all dogs in a family. 

Late fees 

Late charges will apply to dogs picked up after 8:30 pm at a rate of $1 per minute with a minimum charge of $15.