Monthly Archives: April 2015

Why We Love Tricks – Part III of Our Series on Enrichment

Enrichment [en-rich-muh nt] makes something more meaningful, substantial,or rewarding. Enrichment improves something. I often ask training clients what they most enjoy doing with their dogs. Never, not once, not a single time has anyone ever told me they love heeling and practicing sit stays. Most people seem to enjoy attending classes at Sit! Stay! Play!. Often it […]

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New Classes Begin April 12th

We have four classes starting on April 12th. Puppy Class – 9am Drop-in, $25 per class Level I – 10:30am 7 week program, starting at $165 Tricks – 12pm Drop-in, $25 per class Level II – 1:30pm 4-6 weeks, $25 per class Please sign up at the front desk or call us at 520.882.PLAY  Spots are […]

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