In-Home Training

Don’t have time to come to us? We can bring our effective reward-based training to you! Private in-home training is especially beneficial if your busy schedule doesn’t make group training convenient. In-home professional instruction offers many of the same benefits of board and train programs while allowing your dog to remain at home. In-home training is customized to meet the specialized needs of you and your dog.

We’ll Come to You

In-Home Training

Private training is available for teaching basic manners and obedience and for teaching individual skills like house training and coming when called. Sessions are designed especially for the needs of your dog and family and can be conveniently scheduled to fit your busy life. Many clients jump start their dog’s training with a private lesson or two prior to taking group classes. 

Private in-home training is $110 per one-hour session. Three sessions may be purchased for $295. Travel charges may apply. 

In-Home Behavior Consultations

Fearfulness, reactivity, separation anxiety, resource guarding, and shyness are some of the issues appropriately addressed with private in-home consultations. Some issues can be addressed in a session or two while other problems may require several appointments. Please call Sit! Stay! Play! to discuss your family’s needs. lean. 

The first two-hour in-home consultation session is $195. Additional one-hour sessions are $125 or three sessions for $345. Travel charges may apply.

Day Training – In-Home Professional Instruction for Your Dog

Do you have a new dog or puppy and want to make certain he gets started with his best paw forward or a dog that has basic skills, but you just don’t have enough hours in the day to keep up with training? Day training might be the perfect solution for your family. We will come to your home each day to teach your puppy or youngster basic good manners or improve your dog’s skills. When age appropriate, we will take your puppy on field trips to the park, local stores, and other places that will help develop your puppy into a confident dog. The in-home professional instruction program requires the owner to work with a Sit! Stay! Play! trainer once per week to practice the puppy’s or dog’s newly acquired skills. 

Professional instruction is $300 for three one-hour sessions. Weekly owner meetings are $110 per one-hour session. Travel charges may apply.